Born in New York, Celeste has always been synonymous with creativity. As a little girl with a mother who is a former model, Celeste was the one crocheting yarn and cutting felt to make her dolls into fashionistas with custom made outfits. She began beading and creating at a very young age. After attending The Cleveland Instiute of Art for sculpture and drawing, Celeste pursued design at one of the largest couture/floral salons in the area. While there, her work was published several times for modeling shoots and news articles. Over the years she excelled in floral design, creating custom designs for gowns worn in runway fashion shows which then led to Celeste starting her own successful bridal/floral/events business. Once motherhood took over Celeste turned to her jewelry business to keep her closer to home. Celeste began sculpting pieces of wearable art out of sterling, gold filled and 14k gold wire then adding from her travels, unique gems, stones, and crystals to create stunning custom jewelry. When she wore them out people as well as shop owners stopped and complemented her and asked her where they could find such hip and unique jewelry. That was it, she new she had something special! She set up a jewelers bench which has become the perfect place to inspire her chic custom designed jewelry. She now has a studio boutique where you can shop and see her work first hand located in Cleveland, Ohio. Celeste has been commissioned to work with actors/actresses, costume designers and production teams. For an appointment please call 216-406-1523 or email " If you can dream it she can make it!"