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Safari Cheetah Cuff Bracelet by Celeste M. Designs, $250

As a child of a former model, Celeste M. Tober was exposed to fashion at a young age. While other girls were playing, she was crocheting, beading, and turning dolls into fashionistas.
This early show of creativity lead her to take classes at The Cleveland Institute of Art, and eventually pursued the art of floral design at one of the largest couture salons in North East Ohio. After several publications of her work at fashion shoots and the use of her floral designs at runway shows, she launched her own bridal/floral business.
Her priorities changed with the birth of her children, as she decided to focus and stay at home with her family. But this didn't extinguish her passion to create and didn't dampen her intuitive sense of style.
While her little ones napped, she started seeking outlets that would allow her creative juices to flow, and at the same time, allow her to continue to stay at home with her boys.
She began to create jewelry by sculpting pieces of sterling, gold filled and 14k gold wire and adding unique gems, stones, and beads from her travels. When boutique owners started inquiring about her jewelry, she knew she had something special with what she started at a jeweler's bench in her closet.
Today, Celeste has a studio boutique where all pieces are handmade by her, where most are one of a kind, and where custom design is available upon request. That and more is Celeste M. Designs.
Celeste custom-made a bracelet for us. It is the safari cheetah cuff with hand blown square cut cheetah and zebra stones, baby cheetah blown glass, bali wood beads and Swarovski crystals with 14k gold filled wire. It retails for $250.
First, let us say that in all the products we've reviewed, this is the first time that one was custom-made especially for us. It just goes to show the amount of pride Celeste takes in her work. How lucky for me to be one reviewing it.
Second, when the package was given to me, it was in a beautiful white box secured by a swirly sticker on top. Immediately, I thought, what a wonderful gift this makes (Mother's Day is just around the corner). Inside the box is a hand painted wooden purse with a bamboo handle that is washed in blue and adorned with a dainty ribbon of blue, white, green, and brown. Inside the purse is the bracelet cradled in marabou feathers and clusters of dried leaves. I felt like a celebrity, with a designer creating a one-of-kind bracelet for me, and delivering it wrapped as a gift at my door.
This bracelet is more than a piece of jewelry, it is truly a piece of art. I stared at it for a long while for I have never worn such an intricate piece of art. The craftsmanship is absolutely superb in the intricate web created by the twists and turns of the wires, and the painstaking effort it must have taken to place the stones, glass, beads and crystals within it.
It makes anything you wear look expensive. I've worn mine with everything just because I love wearing it. Nobody else has it and that makes me feel special, and even though the design is on trend with the use of gold and animal print, it's not trendy. It's stylish but classic, one that will last through endless seasons.
For an uber chic look, wear the cuff on one wrist and in the other, slip on this Black Patent Textured Lamb Wrist-let by Moe Bags. Then, put on your sexiest little black dress, like this Cap Sleeve Matte Jersey Sheath Dress by Nicole Miller. Add a dash of red by slipping on a pair of shoes like the Amanda Peep Toe Slingback by Jessica Simpson. With the cuff bracelet making you feel like a celebrity, you might as well dress like one!